Monday, May 08, 2023

Run to the Hills

I needed some Hill Therapy to see what a lot of climbing would do with my current condition and I wanted to see how the Trek climbs, too, so I headed north from Chez Cyclesnack after work on Monday.  

Turning onto Rt 133 and crossing over Lake Lillinonah I started climbing towards Bridgewater and passed the old mill. It looks like the owner is rebuilding the water trough with the intention of getting the water wheel spinning again.

Descending down towards Roxbury Station the Trek was rock solid at speeds up to 40 mph.  I love riding this part of Rt 67 because there hardly any cars. If anyone is heading east, they all go up Weller's Bridge, which I even hate driving in my car.

I continued climbing up my favorite hill, Painter, to Topland Farms and it looks like the calves have been separated from their mother as they were all in the western paddock and the mama cows were on the other side of the road.

My front derailleur wasn't shifting well so I stopped at the Farm overlook to adjust it.  It took a few more screw turns to finally get it dialed in.

I headed toward Roxbury International and then descended Grassy Hill and that was scary. At speeds over 40 mph the bike felt a little squirrely but I think that was mostly due to braking. I think that could be the first time I thought disc brakes would be better.  From the airport to Rt 202 its basically one big descent and I have able to bring my average speed up some and did pretty well on the Glen Road Climb and stayed in the big ring the whole time. It was sundown by the time I got to the Boulevard and it was lights on for the last 3 miles of the ride. 

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