Friday, March 03, 2023

Snow King Mountain: Ski In and Ski Out

The weather on Friday at Teton Village was supposed to be really, really windy so my father and I decided to ski Snow King. It's so convenient. Just walk 50 yards, put on your skis and off you go.  On my first solo visit to Jackson Hole, I was off the plane and on the slopes in an hour! Last year, my flight was canceled due to equipment issues and I ended up flying to Idaho Falls where my Dad picked me up. 

It was snowing and windy when we left the condo and we made our way over to the Gondola. Last year the Gondola opened and my father went up there last year so now it was my turn.

The wind was gusting at time and these snow squalls would push through limiting visibility

Then it would clear for awhile and get sunny

and then almost go to white out conditions.

We skied back down to the Condo for lunch

and then came back out, took the Rafferty lift to the midstation and then took the Gondola back up.

The only way to get back to the run that takes you back is you have to ride this weird Poma lift. By weird I mean there isn't a cable above you and a pole coming down. Instead the cable is at waist height and there is a handle you hold onto to keep disk that holds your butt in place. Easy for skiers but the snowboarders had issues.

Of course you could take one of the double black diamonds down the face to get back

but this was an NFW slope in my book!

Before heading back down on our last run we stopped in the snack shack

Apparently this is just a temporary facility while they build a restaurant next to the Gondola.

Facilities were a little primitive, too.

Last run down the mountain!

The view of Jackson from Snow King

Then it was Apres Ski time!

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