Sunday, March 05, 2023

Cache Creek from Cedar Lane

My ride couldn't get up the entrance road to Cache Creek today so I had to start from Cedar Lane. 

Fortunately there was plenty of snow and the trek up to the parking lot was smooth.

Entering Cache Creek proper there was a nice track.

It was partly cloudy and a little windy. When the clouds blocked the sun it got cold and a few times I was thinking that I should have brought an extra layer. When the sun came out, that extra layer wouldn't have been necessary. Next time I will bring a vest.

By the time I hit two miles I was starting to sweat and all thoughts of cold forgotten.
Along the way I met some backcountry skiers on AT skis.

By mile 3 there wasn't much track

There were three woman coming down that essentially busted the track

By mile 4 I was wishing I brought my gaiters

It was simply beautiful out!

Nearing the end

The end of the "groomed" trail

If I brought my backcountry skis I might have continued.

Still wearing what I started out with. Last year, when I got to this point I was in a T-Shirt


Heading back

Those pesky clouds

Check out the snow on that stump

Reminds me of 1960's women's fashion

Picking up a little speed on the downhill

The only view of the Tetons

at the top of this little climb

More downhill

My skies started to stick to the snow so I stopped on the climb and waxed up.

Skiing back down Cache Creek Road

and the view of the Tetons was outstanding!

Back at Cedar Lane awaiting pickup.

Apres Ski


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