Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Fast Times at Staples High


A last minute change occurred for this week's RC Ilumenati's Tuesday Night ride (on Wednesday) because one of our riders just celebrated his birthday. JB, 3rd from the left with the sunglasses, turned 50 and Ride Leader Mat O suggested that do wings or pizza after the ride.

It was 50 degrees when the ride started and and you couldn't have asked for a nicer spring day. 

It is spring and I was the only one in bib shorts, of course. 

As some you may know I never do the same route twice so this evening's route was a lot of SOMP (South of the Merritt Parkway) and some NOMP (North of the Merritt Parkway.

As nautical twilight set in we headed down Imperial Avenue. As we neared Bridge Street there was a police car coming our way that must have been distracted by all of our lights and must have moved over to the shoulder. There was a runner on the other side of the road, who was lit up pretty well that yelled at the driver because he was way to close to the runner.  

This part of the route is pretty cookie cutter. Ride through Long Shore, then over to Compo and then cut in for a bit and then back to Southport along the shore, then into Fairfield and depending up our mileage total ride out on the Little Danbury Spit. Tonight, however there was an audible in which we skirted around Beachside Road because of the road construction and rejoined the route on Sasco Creek Road.

We hit the 3 Handle (30 miles) while crossing into Fairfield so there was no need to head out to Little Danbury or ride by the Fairfield Beaches.  When the light we green at the end of Old Post Road some of the group headed out into the intersection when this car, that was stopped at the light headed out into the intersection. We all yelled at the driver who then rolled down his window and appologized.

After we locked up our bikes on their racks or put them in cars and changed we headed over to Colony Grill for pizza and beer. We drank PBR and each had our own personalized pizza. I had pepperoni and hot cherry peppers.

Scotty D brought a cake and we sang Happy Birthday to JB and then enjoyed the cake!

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