Saturday, March 18, 2023

Lunartic Dirt

Another cold spring Saturday morning and what was supposed to be a Newtown Lunartics ride to OOF became a push back and then most guys bailed, except Scott and I. Instead, we met up with Brad and to hit some dirt roads and single track around Newtown.

I rode to Brad's getting First Dirt on Deep Brook Road

and more dirt on Point of Rocks

and a little more dirt on Bentagrass.

Then starting from Brad's house we looped around and rode through Cherry Grove and over to the Fosdick Property

Then the Shepard's Hill to Sugar Hill Rd dual track

Then we headed over to Meadow Brook Road and then rode down Point of Rocks and worked our way over to Fairfield Hills where we encountered some really muddy conditions on the grass trails.

On the driveway from Commerce Road to the Catherine Hubbard Sanctuary we noticed quite a bit of surveyor stakes in the grass field and wondered was going to be built here next.

We circled back on Wildlife Road and headed up past the Horse Guard

and then took the trail on the other side of the power house

and crossed the tracks to hit the singletrack that leads back Wasserman Way.

After climbing back up Point of Rocks, Brad showed us this trail that connects to Bentagrass. I took a bad line through one little sketchy dissent and had to dismount quickly lest I fall over and it felt like a I might have pulled something.

On my way home, I hit a few more dirt roads.

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