Friday, April 09, 2021

eMTBs at Waldo

On Friday Scott decided to join me on a mountain bike ride at Waldo State Park in Southbury. We headed out on the main trail and as we neared the big climb these two females were on what looked like eMTBs coming the other way, but I could have been mistaken.  This is the first time I have been out riding in the woods and seen others riding, too. 

What I found amazing was all the recent changes and it got me thinking that I don't think I have been to Waldo since early summer of last year.  Clearly the hurricane last August changed the area so much that there was definitely a huge impact on the trail system.

We rode down to the lake and there were two other riders talking and looking at us suspiciously as I was eyeing one their bikes. Turns out it was an eMTB. On my way past them I told them eMTBs weren't allowed here and they said they didn't own any eMTBs.  

We made our way up Extra Credit and were passed by the eMTB just as we crested the hill. Just like illegal trail building the mindset around here is that people are going to do what they want to do regardless of the rules. Just like what is happening at Tyler Mill in Wallingford.  People are building illegal trails. The town has has asked them to stop and they haven't. Now the town is threatening to ban mountain biking. Personally, I think they should ban it and let it serve as a wake up call to everyone.

At the end of the ride I broke out the Road Sodas and we were joined by a guy named Spence, also from Newtown that was dressed to the nines in protective gear. He also had bear spray and an airhorn.  His bike was really interesting as well because it had a 27.5 rear wheel and 29" front.  Is that a 79er?  Oh, and his bike was electric, too. But he claimed he wasn't using it. Hmm.

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