Friday, April 23, 2021

CAADx Rebuild

For the past year, I have been running 50c tire on the front of the CAADx and I have really loved the Monster Cross feel of the big tire upfront but I couldn't do the same in the rear, unfortunately, so I have been thinking about changing this bike up and making it my primary gravel bike. I don't plan on selling the Sex Machine but I think I am going to use it for commuting and bike packing, as well as the occasional gravel ride.

It started with these bars!

I wanted to put some flared bars on the CAADx and was still debating whether to use my Salsa Woodchippers or to find something else when I came across these PNW Coast Bars on Craigslist. What's unique about these is that they are 480mm wide. They even make one that's 540mm wide, but that's too wide I think.  According to their website, they recommend shortening your stem 10mm for every 20mm in width, so I picked up an 80mm stem to go with it.

I stripped everything off the bike except for the fork, breaks and seatpost.

I was able to find a good deal on a SRAM 10 speed shifter.

I got a saddle similar to the one that I put on JustGoodBeers, only this one is green.

I also found a great deal on a matching left side brake lever from SRAM.

A friend of mine hooked me up with a sweet deal on this SRAM centerlock crank and he let me borrow a wheelset because the WTBs I was going to use, after having them trued, were still no good.

I took the bike out Friday after work for a test ride and hit some gravel roads around Newtown. It handled exceptionally well, especially on singletrack.  The wind bars make a huge difference.  I also found riding in these drops to be exceptionally, good, too. 

Photo Credit: Gavin Arneth

I mostly ride on the hoods but the these drops are shallow enough that it makes for a comfortable riding position.

These wheels are great, too, combined with Vittoria Terrano Dry tires (700x35) are comfortable on dirt and solid enough for road riding as well.

Friday's test ride was with Gavin and Mike.  I rode up to Newsylum Brewery to meet them and we did a nice little 14 mile mixed surface loop consisting of paved, dirt, and a little singletrack.

Next step is to wrap the bars and start breaking the bike in.

At the end of the ride we hit the brewery for a 4 pack of Counting the Days, New England IPA.

The brewery was packed and even though we are all vaccinated we still aren't taking any chances.

Just because you are vaccinated doesn't mean you can't get the Rona, it just means if you do get it the symptoms will be less severe.  

Photo Credit: Gavin Arneth

Added my Banjo Brothers Barrel Bag

Photo Credit: Gavin Arneth

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