Monday, January 20, 2020

Winter is back!

It seems that winter has finally arrived here in Southern New England.  While the snow is a welcome reminder the frigid temperatures really are not. There was snow from a storm over the weekend but on Sunday it warmed up above freezing and then Monday the temperature plummeted and all all the snow froze again.  

Heading out to Upper Paugussett today, I found a mixed bag of conditions. Where the fat bikers had ridden on Sunday the track was good but going on unbusted trail turned into Napoleon's death march.

The temperature started at 25 degrees but as the sun went down so did the temperatures with it and by the time I got home from my ride it was 19 degrees. I was still sweating with my windstopper fleece hunting jacket and the vents open.

Yesterday would have been perfect but as luck would have it I was out of town and missed all the fun. I made my own fun today by finding a potential new section of trail on the Gussy. 

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