Sunday, January 26, 2020

FrogToggs Storm Gauntlet: The best cycling over mitt!

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to review these over mitts or received them in compensation for making this post. 

This all came about a few weeks ago when I was on a exploratory gravel ride in Southbury and then down through Monroe and Trumbull. The day started in the low 40s so I was wearing my gloves that are perfect that temperature but brought along another pair of warmer gloves in case it got colder. Since those were getting ratty I started thinking about a replacement. What I decided was that I really wanted an over mitt that would work for cycling.

I already have two pair of over mitts from Outdoor Research that are perfect all the other winter activities that I like to do but they don't work for cycling. I have tried them. What I really need is a split fingered over mitt that will let me change gears on the road bike or hold the grip and break on the mountain bike. 


I searched all over the interwebs. People gave me recommendations to look at one glove or another but nothing was meeting my requirements. That's when I finally found the Storm Gauntlet from FrogToggs. Ironically, a company that makes fishing waders. Not sure how you would use these over mitts for fishing but they are excellent for cycling as I have found.

On a 60 mile, mild winter day ride from my town to the shore I started out wearing these over mitts with my favorite liner glove. While riding on the hoods, the split finger design let me hold the outside of the brake lever with my top two fingers while being able shift gears with bottom two fingers.

I kept the over mitts on for the whole ride. My hands never got cold the whole ride down to Pennfield Beach in Fairfield.

One thing I noticed was while my hands were warm, almost sweating, but that was it. These over mitts said they breathed and that was actually working! 


On the way back we fought a head wind the whole ride home and the wind made it just cold enough that without the over mitts I knew I would be uncomfortable. 

Note on Sizing: These over mitts run really large, my assumption is based on they are intended to fit over gloves.  For what I wanted to do with them, I got the small/mediums and they are even a little loose over the gloves I got them for.

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