Sunday, December 29, 2019

Rye Street Park, South Windsor

Since I am a mountain biker at heart I decided my last bike ride of decade would be on trails. I needed to go to East Hartford to pick up a car part and I reached out to the Central Connecticut NEMBA Chapter President to see if he wanted to ride. I was thinking Case Mountain but Glenn suggested we try Rye Street Park.  

The Trail System is small and many of the turns are really tight and if you ride all the trails back and fourth you might get 5 miles out of the place.  

Not much in the way of stuntry, either. There was is boarded descent called Board to Death and I think there was one skinny.

The trails on the south side of the park were really icy. There was a lot of hike a bike but that was largely due to the ice.

I broke a spoke going over this bridge but it wasn't due to the conditions, rather just my crappy rear wheel. This makes the third spoke that I have broken. I don't think I have broken this many spokes on one bike before. 


In addition to breaking a spoke, one of the icy trails my bike came out from under me and as my boot was sliding onto the trail it caught a root and ripped the Boa tightening ratchet off. 

The ratchet sort of worked and I was able to finish the ride but it looks like I will be sending the boot back to Lake Cycling to get it fixed.

Before coming here I looked for a brewery and it turned out that the Connecticut Valley Brewing Company was less than a mile from the park. Glenn and I headed over there for a pint.

Nothing like a happy ending!

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