Sunday, December 08, 2019

Lost my Cherry at Rockhouse Hill

My first ride at Rock House Hill happen to be on the coldest morning of the season. Originally we were going to meet at 9 AM but it was 14 degrees when I got up Sunday morning and decided to push back the ride an hour. I figured with another hour of sunlight it ought to warm up a little more.

Mark Coleman was leading the way with his friend Kevin, along with Ben Maxwell and his girlfriend Michelle. We started out from the dead end on Perkins Road and headed out on the Rollerville Trail (Purple and White Blazed) and OMG what fun! Rocks everywhere to launch off of or roll.

After crossing over a bridge we turned onto the Red White blazed trail, which was kind of flat.  So far, all the stream crossings had some really nice board walks but eventually we came to one that was just armored and really icy.  We all made it across without falling through the ice or getting wet.

We even ran into Joe Lanier, the land manager and trail builder at Rock House. Apparently he loves building trails and board walks but I think he doesn't mountain bike. Today he was hauling wood in to build a bridge over another stream.

On the New Trail to 188, which is more of a lollipop we first lost Ben. His knee was giving him pain and he bailed.  Further up the trail Kevin tried to do a rock up but hit wrong and went down. Fortunately, he didn't hurt himself, however, he did knock the bead off his front tire and he had to do the Walk of Shame back to the parking lot. Fortunately, we were close to the end of the ride.

This is an awesome place and I can't wait to come back.  It's rumored that once all the work is done here Rock House Hill will be a 20 mile trail system!

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