Sunday, December 15, 2019

Trail Maintenance at Rockhouse Hill

I think we got around 4 inches of rain between Friday and Saturday so there was no way I was going to go mountain biking on Sunday. I could have gone for a road ride Sunday morning but instead I committed to do some trail maintenance at Rockhouse Hill with Housatonic Valley NEMBA.

Kevin and Mark were there, we rode the northern section of Rockhouse last weekend.

Also in the group was Paula, Lori, Dave, Bob and Joe Lanier the land manager.

Today's work focused on cutting back mountain laurel that was encroaching on the blue/yellow trail

After the work session Joe gave us a guided a tour

There were some really awesome cliffs

We stopped at the Devil's Chimney

Paula took a group picture but later she lost her phone

Bob (l), Lori (middle) and Andy (r)
Bob and I went back later to try and find Paula's phone but we were unsuccessful

In the middle of the forest was this professionally sculpted rock wall with flat rocks on top.
This is the Walmart of Rock Stores!

We came to a river and then headed back to the cars from here

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