Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fat Amy doesn't like it deep

I got out of work on time and high tailed it home. It was so warm today I figured that the snow probably melted enough that I was hoping it would be rideable on Fat Amy.

I was grossly mistaken.  The ride was more hike-a-bike than anything. In the deeper snow there just wasn't enough traction to get keep moving at a decent pace. In the shallower stuff it was good but the bad spots out numbered the good by quite a bit.

The trail gnomes took care of the blow down by the Snowtober Reroute. They did a great job creating what looks like a pretty challenging log ride.  

Over by the Three Bears Roller my front wheel dished out in some deeper snow and I experienced my first slow mo endo in which I landed on my palms.

While the ride totally sucked the workout benefit was great.  I came home hot and sweaty, and feeling fantastic. 

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