Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Relive A Good Day to Dirt

There is this new Strava tool/feature/application called Relive that takes the track you upload into Strava and then emails a link to their website so that you can relive your ride in a video. You can then post it Facebook and Twitter, and it looks like it also connects to Whatsapp so you could send it to someone via that channel.  They don't offer any code to embed on a blog so I am attempting it below with a simple "iframe" command to embed their website on my blog post.  

What I would like to see them do is zoom in a bit and give a Bird's Eye or Drone View of the ride, perhaps even using some icon that represents the cyclist.  Just click on the play button and see how it goes. There is potential here for simplifying ride blog posts!  The site, however, has some limitations; for one thing I have yet to see a mountain bike Relived under ten miles and it ignores commutes.  However, there are other ways to display those that I am looking into.

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