Sunday, August 14, 2016

Further Adventures in Fat Biking on Fire Island

I don't know what it is but I can never sleep past 6 AM when I know there is an opportunity to go riding.  Sunday morning was no exception and Will and I were off at ten after 6.  The intention of this morning's ride was to head down in the opposite direction towards Robert Moses State Park by way of the central access corridor, which to our delight was mostly a gravel road.

Sunrise on Fire Island always makes me think that was the reason for calling this place as such but apparently the name of the island has another origin.  Still, the sunrises are always spectacular and that was one of the other motivations for heading out so early.

Our ride took us past the famous light house and onto the Robert Moses Parkway that is only ridden by bikes if you bring your bike over the bridge.

The Robert Moses Parkway is really straight and you would think boring but there were many deer frolicking about on the side of the road and some great views but barely any cars at that time in the morning.

Looping back around and heading north is when we discovered the head wind.  Nothing some places that I have ridden before on sandy shores but just enough, combined with the fat wheels to slow you down uncomfortably.

Once we left the State Park, we found a nice little thorough fare through the dunes to the beach and rode that where the sand was loose and impossible to ride.

This thoroughfare ended where the deeper, softer sand started after the dunes and was impossible to ride, so we pushed the bikes to the water's edge.

We had the beach all to ourselves at this time in the morning.

From here, we had a four mile slog through the swash.  The wind was at our back but it didn't help much because of the soft sand.  Afterwards, my lower body was really stiff for two days.


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