Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tandeming around Town

After getting some good mileage on Saturday I decided to take it easy on Sunday and go out for a tandem ride with Elliot.  I wanted to hit the Old Put trail but Elliot had other things in mind.  He wanted to stay local and hit Peach Wave on the way home.

We rode up Deep Brook Road to get a little dirt in along the way.  The Burley Rock & Roll is so plush in the dirt you would barely notice you are riding on a dirt road.  Then we headed over to the Fairfield Hill Campus to ride the town's Recreation Path.

I took him on the trails behind the water tank, too.  He was a little hesitant at first but then got used to as we headed further into the woods.

The highlight of the ride, for him, was of course the stop and snack at Peachwave.  I got something, too that was equally as tasty but not good for my waistline.  It might be frozen yogurt but with all the toppings you can forget about any calorie savings because you are eating this instead of ice cream.

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