Saturday, March 26, 2016

The King's New Clothes

Gavin got a new bike, a Cannondale Synapse Carbon!  Just like mine, only newer and a few pounds lighter!  Not a bad rig if you ask me, but then again I am biased because I have one, too.

This is the only picture I captured of the new bike and that's only because every time we roll past Guskie Pond I try to get some sort picture of us riding with the pond in the background. I glommed the picture above from Gavin's Facebook post.  Hard to believe that only yesterday after noon it was 67 degrees and today it was barely pushing 40 degrees!

Today's  ride we started out with a loop around the Easton Reservoir and then stopped off at the Easton General Store where I had my signature Ride Nosh and a chocolate milk.

Gavin took the lead on Sport Hill and we rode together all the way to Silver Hill where I turned off to ride around the Saugatuck Reservoir, too.  After the Stepney Road cut off, we came across a silver Honda Pilot on the side of the road with a Easton Police car behind it with it's codes on.  I said to Gavin that this is the first time I have seen the Easton Police pull someone over on the weekends but turns out the Pilot had a flat and the police was just waiting for the tow truck.

Being that the temperatures were still quite cold there were no Freds to be seen around the reservoir however, when I crossed over from Newtown Turnpike onto Hopewell Road, I caught up to these cyclists and the one on the left is a guy I follow on Strava and I think he follows me but ironically we didn't recognize each other.  He's a big rider and I figured once we got on Poverty Hollow, they would blow me away.  Which they did.  It was only on Strava Fly By did I figure out who he was.

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