Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cycling round Candlewood Lake

I have always wanted to ride the circumference of Lake Candlewood, counter clockwise, and today I did so.  While sunny it was still really cold out and the wind coming down from the north didn't help either.  I had to make one detour due to a car crash on Silvermine Road and then I got to experience Elbow Hill for the first time.  Shifting on the bike seemed OK but I was still having some issues but not enough to turn around. 

I discovered some new roads and found some big climbs, too.  Riding the big climb on Route 39 was great.  Not particularly steep, just long and it seemed to go on and on. 

Just past the half way point I found a little deli on the side of the road called The Lakeside so I stopped for a little ride nosh.  A sesame bagel with cream cheese and a pickle.  It was was awesome.

The only part of the route that was a little hairy was coming down Route 37 from Mountain Road to the turn off to Stacey Road.  Lots of cars and a narrow road means a lot is left to the interpretation of giving the cyclist 3 feet clearance when passing.

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