Friday, June 06, 2014

Hoppy Bike Commute

Heading out Friday morning to work was a mixed bag of nerves and jubilation.  The rear tire was working but every bump and jiggle had me checking it.  It's funny how you come to rely on something so much but when it let's you down you never seem to trust it again.

I rode up Castle Hill again.  It seems that if I am going to ride down to Steel Bridge over the Housatonic River it's only fitting that I should ride all the way up to one of the highest points in town.  Once there, I can't resist taking a few pictures.  I am still loving the Retroshifts, which I call my Goats.  I guess the owner of the company raises goats and they are part of his marketing scheme.

Awesome weather on the ride in but when I got to the office the clouds started rolling in making it overcast. I think what I will do with the tire is move it to the front because there is less weight on it and I always run my front tires at a lower pressure.  It will also even out the wear on the tire, too.

I got off early from work but not early enough to try a 20+ mile ride home but I did climb West Wishconnier Hill and then come down Farrel Road and nearing the train bridge I heard the familiar horn of the Housatonic Railroad so I stopped for another photo op.

It looked like they were still shunting cars into the Reload Center and not coming down the line yet.

I wanted to see what they were going to do with this tree that came down over the tracks.  It was windy today and must have just came down.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to watch what they were going to do so I will have to come back and see what happened to the tree.

I decided to celebrate breaking 2000 miles ridden this year with this special IPA from Berkshire Brewing Co.  What an awesome IPA!  Dark like a stout but so hoppy that it made me Hoppy!

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