Friday, June 06, 2014

Continental Tour Ride Tires are not so puncture resistant, after all!

I have ridden well over 2000 miles on these Continental Tour Ride Tires and never had a problem, that is until Thursday's commute, in the pouring rain.  I flatted on Route 25 just past the railroad tracks in Hawleyville.  Fortunately, I was able to get under an awning by Papa Al's Pizza and stay dry while I replace the tube.  
I checked the tire, twice! Yet, I couldn't find anything that caused the puncture because that is what it had to have been.  There is no way I could have pinched flatted this tire.  I have logged probably another 500 miles of gravel road riding on these tires as well.

I wasn't but 50 yards away when I flatted again!  I gave up at this point and called my wife to come get me otherwise it would have been a long, wet Walk of Shame. 

After work I examined the tire close up and found the culprit.  I didn't feel where it was puncturing through the tire because I figured only when you were riding would your weight cause the shard to push through and puncture the tube within.  I guess next time I will need to examine the tire more closely.

I emailed Continental to see on the off chance they would warranty the tire for me but I think I am going to have to replace it.  I am afraid of what the gash could pick up and cause to me flat again.  Everyone seems to recommend Schwalbe tires, so I might have get a pair of those.

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