Monday, August 12, 2013

Am I becoming a roadie?

Don't get me wrong, I still love mountain biking but I am also starting to really like road riding, too.  Maybe it's due to the commuting or also because we have had another incredibly wet summer that not being able to ride as much in the woods but still wanting to ride is causing me to gravitate to the roads.  

Granted, I am not tempted to go out and drop serious money on a really good road bike and if you know me I like more eclectic bikes to the point where I think my next bike will probably be something steel, geared, that can be ridden equally on trails and roads.

I am still having fun experimenting with different ways to carry stuff.  The Timbuk2 top tube bag works great on the Qball but not the Cannondale.  I have different top tube bag that I got for my trip to the Cape.

It's called a Rosewheel and it holds my Blackberry better than the Timbuk2, however, like the Timbuk2 my knees graze the sides when I am out of the saddle and climbing.  It will be perfect for commuting because I will be able to fit my work stuff in it (security id, wallet, and keys).  I am up in the air whether I will ride with it for D2R2, though.  


I am starting to develop a nice network of routes throughout Newtown that aren't super hilly and are fun to ride on a singlespeed.  Many of these routes take me through the southern part of town, which to my surprise, has a lot of farms and nurseries that I never knew existed.  There are also quite a few farmstands but they usually aren't selling anything for a quick energy boost.


Johnny said...
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Johnny said...

You live in an awesome place. Nothing wrong with being a bit partial to the road bike if the mountain bike trails in your area can't be ridden. Personally I dislike the term "roadie" but know that's probably what most people would consider me. While I love mountain biking, the majority of my riding is done on my road bike for the very same reasons.

Mark said...

Johnny, I am speaking "tongue & cheek" when I say roadie but then again around here there is a an interesting dichotomy or separation between road riders and mountain bikers. It's almost like a clique you would see in high school, The Populars vs The Burnouts/Hippies, is my best analogy. Motivation/Training vs Taking it slow and smelling the roses.

I seem to find myself always in the middle of things and that's where I find myself today, in fact.