Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where did Waldo go?

You might recall that I fell on my bike last Friday on an icy patch at Upper Paugussett in which I was walking on.  Well, Monday after rushing home midday because my wife thought we had a frozen pipe that might have busted, turns out it wasn't broken at all, just the shut off valve must have gotten bumped.  I went to salt the driveway and ended up tweaking my back even more.  That meant a visit to the Doctor the next day and prescription of muscle relaxers that I can only take at night - can you say Black Slacks?  Thursday is when things started to feel better and I decided to go out for a light snowshoe at George C Waldo.

I guess I wasn't really paying attention to well and I ended up losing the trail a few times.  A friend of mine was here earlier today and really lost the trail, big time and he had a nice sunny day.  I think his error came from hunters reflector thumb tacks that he probably thought was a new trail.  My plan was to hit Daffy Duck and then head back to the lot via hunter's trail and the access road but my back felt like it was tightening up again so I bailed, made a b-line for the access road and headed back to the lot.  While I only did a mile, it was still a pretty good work out and probably just enough to get me ready for a bigger snowshoe at Fairfield Hills on Sunday Morning.

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Chris Thompson said...

LOL. I think you hit it. I was seeing red blazes, thumb tacks, and survey tape. I finally bagged it and ventured off on my own. I ended up finding a run of coyote tracks paralleling a major deer run. Had lunch at the beach and headed home.