Monday, July 04, 2011

Saturday Morning Eye Opener @ Rocky Neck

Map of today's ride (Blue) and last Sunday (Red)
My last hurrah on the Southeastern shore of Connecticut was an early morning ride with Thom, Steve, and Cory at Rocky Neck State Park.  Thom put it out on forums that we were going to ride early on Saturday and both Cory and Steve, and one other guy who didn't show in the end, all said they would be riding with us.  Seeing that I had a 10 AM departure from the rental and with everyone having later plans for the holiday weekend, riding early was perfect.

From left to right:  Thom; Cory; Steve (r)
There was a mixed bag of equipment, from Thom's full suspension Voodoo Canzo 29er, Steve's full suspension Jamis 650b, Cory's silver hard tail Trek, and my Soul Cycles Dillinger hard tail 29er.  We did the standard stuff, the rollers from Balance Rock, Slick Rock Trail to the Cliff Side Trail.  These guys showed me how to ride the Little Nose Drop.  Then it was up to the Pavilion for admire the shore and then back to the cars.  Nice four mile jaunt.
Thom on the Little Nose Drop

Steve on the Little Nose Drop
3D Map of today's Ride (Blue) and Last Sunday (Red)
Thom and Steve


Left to right:  Steve; Cory, Me; Thom

The Bikes

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