Friday, July 22, 2011

29 and Single, again!

It's been almost a month since I last rode the diSSent, mainly because I have been having a lot of fun with my old, new bike (Geared 29er).  I even brought the bike on vacation last month with the intention to ride it at Rocky Neck SP but again, I was having too much fun on the Dillinger so the bike just sat.  It sat in my garage the week I was back while I rode the Dillinger all over the place on my home trails.  So, I took her out for a beat the heat, RbW (Ride before Work) at Upper Paugussett State Forest.

Besides not having gears the biggest difference in this bike and the Dillinger is the cockpit.  The Dillinger is business as usual, however, the bent top tube on the diSSent and the slack head tube, which makes my stem look really happy has me still dazed and confused on whether I like this geometry or not.  I suppose I should try flattening the stem or reversing it to see how that works.  

The Widow Maker on the Gussy finally came down and now there is a new one.  I am going to have to reroute around this, too.  This won't be too bad, more of an insta-rake production, and there are some nice rocks to huck and roll along the way, too!

The upper part of the trail is still blocked by the big oak tree that was felled by the Tornado that wasn't a Tornado and it seems people are now just cutting in front of it.  You can tell it's hikers because they follow the tree and then turn hard left.  I think I will put in a reroute there but arc it out a bit.  Time to pimp the Rogue Ho...e again.  Might try to do it on Sunday.  


Ben said...

perhaps the widowmaker is an opportunity to use your cargo bike. haul the chainsaw up their and take it down! :)

Mark said...

I wish I had both. Actually, these acts of nature are good because it allows me to expand the trail even more.