Thursday, July 07, 2011

Horse Biscuits and Blood

You couldn't curb your horse?  Are you kidding me?
Went out for a little Ride before Work Wednesday morning at Upper Paugussett.  It has been awhile since I have been down the Gussy, in fact the last time is when I was on the trail doing to TM to open it back up after the Tornado that wasn't a Tornado ripped through the State Forest last month.  It was a great ride, especially on the Dillinger only I had one little mishap in which I climbed up the back side of the Blue Cross Roller with my front fork locked and hit the lip of the rock ledge causing the front wheel to shoot to the left and down I went, scraping my lower leg against the rock.  It's a nice, long gash but more of a deep scrape.  

The Dillinger rolled through everything the Gussy had to offer smoothly and I was amazed at how nice it is riding this trail with gears.  Unfortunately, the Gussy is still blocked before the wetspot.  DEP said they would take care of the big blow down but they haven't.  Looks like I will have to do the re-route afterall.

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