Thursday, April 10, 2008

Talar du svenska?

I know this has nothing to do about mountain biking but since adding the FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed applet it's interesting to see what people are looking for or how they came across my blog.
This morning I decided to look at the link from Sweden and it points to a specific post that I made about the Ghost Chain tensioner I found described on NEMBA's forum. If anyone speaks Swedish, maybe you can tell me what they are talking about in this Swedish Cycling Forum.
Jag har problem att få kedjan tillräckligt spänd, jag har inte vertikala droppouts och vill köra utan kedjespännare, har 26/14 nu och half link kedja, får inte till det riktigt, tror ni det blir bättre med 13 ibak? blir ju ojämt ist för å köra 12 som nog blir lika dant.Vet jävligt svår fråga att svara på !! men om nån har erfarenhet om detta så dela me gärna
Well, I don't speak Swedish but I can speak German and I see many similarities:

I have problem with ... chain length ... I have verticle drops. I am running 26t by 14t with a half link and I can't get it right ... is there a solution for my dilemma?
The second answering post references my blog and the Ghost Chain post. Looks like they weren't looking for my secret meatball recipie.

The next visitor led me back to a Google Search about the Paugussett Trail in Monroe and Shelton and I came across a very interesting article in today's NYTimes, Online Edition: Who Keeps 600 Miles of Trail Blazed? The article talks about the Paugussett Trail and Connecticut Forest and Park Association, as well as some mentions for DEP and biking in the the way of Greenways.

Pretty entertaining.

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29ner said...

I happen to speak swedish but reading is another story. Perhaps My dad can assist us