Thursday, April 10, 2008

Swedish Translation

The author of iBike's father speaks and reads Swedish and he translated the post:
I have a problem getting the chain tight enough I don't have vertical dropouts and will drive without chain tensioner, have 26/14 now and a half link chain, cannot tighten it properly, do you think it will improve with 13 in the rear? Will it not be uneven to ride 12 that certainly will be the same. I know it's a dam hard question to answer!! If anyone has experience of these, please share?
My first thought is who rides 26/14? I wonder if this is a trials rider? I wonder if he took the advice of the guy who visited my blog and tried a ghost chain. Speaking of which, I should have tried that on Barney the Purple Cannondale. Have to try that out on something else at some point.


29ner said...

what is a ghost chain ?

Mark said...

I found this on the NEMBA forums. Basically, you take a bigger cog, say a 22t, what ever fits between the chain and takes up the slack. It doesn't need to be held in place because it's going to move when the chain moves. I should have tried it with the Cannondale. I might play around with it on the Raleigh.