Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reversal of Fortune

Rode the Upper Gussy today from Sanford Road northwards and there is a lot of climbing in this direction! Come to think of it, I don't think I have ridden the whole trail in this direction in quite some time and it was challenging! Of course, I couldn't have picked a better bike for the job, my Iron Horse MKIII. This bike is dialed in and climbs like a mountain goat. Granted there were two climbs I choked on only because the trail still needs better definition.

I did a little more re-routing and clearing along the way. Riding it this way was like riding an entirely different trail. You can look at that the details of the re-routing on my Upper Gussy Blog. The nice thing is that the entire trail is pretty much open. Need to do a little more pruning by the Rock-n-Roller and finish routing through there, which I will try to take care of this week.

Above is a shot looking back towards the second rock ridge. I pruned out this section yesterday.

Took a shot at the new Up-and-Over that Tom and I built yesterday but didn't have enough speed and fell off. Need to think about the approach and test it a little more. Might look at branching the trail further back so that you have straight line into the stunt. Also, I think the ramp on the back side needs to be changed so that you can hit from the north. I think I might try flipping it over to the cut side.

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