Thursday, December 27, 2007

Once again, I don't have my Edge.

Called Garmin last week about sending my Edge back for warranty service only to find that it wasn't registered. Huh? I asked how was I able to do the initial warranty service last summer and they seemed to not have any record of that.

Had to send them a copy of the receipt in order to show that it was still within a year, turns out it was purchased at the end of November but Garmin said that was cool and to send it in for servicing.

Shipped it with UPS but it dawned on me afterwards that it was quite possible it could get lost because of the packaging. I had thought that UPS would stick it in one of their envelopes but I had put it in a small envelop with bubble wrap thinking that would provide it extra protection.
Good thing I insured it for the full amount of the unit.

Got the confirmation today that it was received by Garmin. Can't wait to get it back because relying on my MAP60 is no fun. In fact, I have been having such poor performance with it that I am now also riding with my Magellan, too.

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