Friday, December 30, 2022

RC Ilumenati's Daytime Ride and Dine


From Left to Right: Scotty, John B, Me, Mat O, John K, Tadej
Photo Cred: Scott Davidow

This was a first, a daytime ride with Riding Club Ilumenati.  I rode down to Scott's house and we took the fastest route to the Easton Library, the usual starting point for our night rides.

Leaving from Library we headed south on Morehouse to do our customary loop through the School and then loop around on Beers and Wilson to Rt 136 towards Westport. Since it was daylight, we deviated a little from the No Numbered Roads Routing Rule in order to expand the ride area.

Our route today took us north into the Fred Zone, which consists of Valley Road and Rt 53 along the Saugatuck Reservoir. This is a popular riding area that attracts riders from all over Fairfield County, including quite a few clueless people. 

After the reservoir we headed up the Three Biscuits Climb only we took a detour on the last Biscuit that made the last climb a little less demoralizing. Then we headed up Giles and I informed the Grupetto on the correct pronunciation of the name of the road because on my last ride through here a few weeks back I asked a resident how it's pronounced. He said it's like J. Geils Band only with a soft G.  

We had a hardy feast at Pignone's Redding Ridge Market, most of us going for the classic BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) sandwich. It was also an excellent opportunity to warm up some cold toes.

From Redding we headed north into Newtown riding up through Poverty Hollow and then looping back down through Palestine and climbing Eden Hill to stop for another photo op at Todd's Hole. This is where Tadej hit a submerged pothole which resulted in a double flat and a crash last year.

Photo cred: Scott Davidow

From the Easton/Newtown Line it was mostly cold descent, with a few ups along the way, back to the Easton Library.  Then Scott and I took the most expeditious route back to Newtown that didn't overlap with our ride down to the Library.

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