Wednesday, December 21, 2022

RC Ilumenati Winter Solstice

 ... and ugly Christmas Sweater Ride.

Unlike our usual rides this one was a little shorter on account of the cold and the holidays being so close. The ride began from the Fairfield Train Station and we headed north. For some reason the cold felt a lot colder on my face this evening but then all that went away after the first climb. 

We deviated from the route by riding up Bank Street to see if there were any extravagant christmas displays but found none.

We were surprised to find that the Christmas tree we decorate each year was lighted.  We hung our new ornaments and took photos to commemorate another year of night cycling.

Scott found one of our ornaments from last year on the ground. We had thought the locals had absconded them from last year. We started searching in earnest, hand raking the leaves away, and found our remaining missing ornaments! An Ilumenati Christmas Miracle!

The ride back to Fairfield was mostly downhill with a couple of bumps along the way but we made it back in record time and went to the Colony Grill for Christmas Cheer and Merriment.

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