Sunday, December 11, 2022

Black Beard Ride

In anticipation of some snowy weather moving into the area Gavin, Scott and I decided to ride from Gavin's house on the Housatonic Rail Trail.  It was also Gavin's inaugural ride on his up graded gravel bike that we have yet to see him ride actual gravel on.

Scott brought his Koga, a touring bike he rode this fall on a 7 day bike packing trip in Nova Scotia. 

We rode down to the Starbucks in Trumbull for Espresso

Heading back, it felt a lot colder

We took Garder Road on the way back because I am not a fan of the portion off of Swamp Road

Climbed up to Surrey Trail using the cut through from Little Brook Lane

The flurries started as we neared Gavin's house

After a couple of Guinness Lagers it really started coming down.

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