Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sunset RC Ilumenati Ride

We began our Tuesday Night Ride at 6 PM to take advantage of the beautiful weather and later sunset times

I tried to create a route that doesn't overlap (there are some exceptions to this rule) and that both directions were as close together as possible without touching.

That mean having to extend the route into East Norwalk

but that also meant that we could ride back over the Saugatuck River via the Metronorth Railroad Bridge

Taking our usual lap through Longshore

I noticed this old Clamming Boat, The Gloria, we pass every time

was broke in two from the last storm

The Compo Beach Cannons

Heading back along the shore the sun was starting to set

The sun finally set when we got to the end of Pine Creek Point
After the ride we had wings and beer at Archie Moores

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