Sunday, May 22, 2022

Blackbeard Pub ride to Beardsley Park

 Trying to stay cool on Sunday and get a good ride in we met at Gavin's home pub, The Blackbeard and rode down the rail trail to Beardsley Park

There were a few sunny patches along the way

and we got in some dirt on Garder Road in Monroe

The shady rail trail really made a difference

After the rail trail we had to cut through Twin Brooks Park

There was some fantastic artwork/graffiti as you enter Beardsley Park

The park itself was also shaded and very nice

Across the water you can just make out Route 8/25 and the building is Saint Vincent's Hospital

Mike's rear tire was looking a little flat so we stopped to but air in it

He runs tubeless and it wasn't quite holding so pressed on stopping from time to time put in more air

Nearing the Trumbull line we decided to put in a tube but Mike forgot is saddle bag

Gavin had a tube but never realized it was a schrader valve. That would have been funny if he ever got a flat. We just put more air in Mike's tire and continued on

Instead of backtracking our route we decided to take a more direct path back to the Blackbeard

by riding up the Newtown section of the rail trail

Scott almost ran over a really big snake

We had to walk our bikes over the old tracks

Photo Cred: Gavin Arneth

By the time we got back to the Blackbeard it well into the 90s but inside it was cool and so was the beer

Turns out Mike had a sidewall tear

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