Sunday, September 05, 2021

One broken spoke, no problem, but two?

I noticed that someone I ride with on Tuesday nights was riding gravel in the Charlemont, MA area and the route he did looked pretty interesting so I put my own spin on it trying work a lot more dirt in hitting some new roads. The funny thing about RWGPS new dirt feature is that often what it thinks is dirt turns out to be paved.

I drove up to Spencertown and picked up Will and we proceeded to Florida, MA where I parked at the Abbott Memorial School. It was raining lightly the whole way up as well as when we started riding.

We hadn't gone a mile and we started climbing. According to RWGPS this section was supposed to be dirt but it was and any eye opener for what was to come.

First Dirt didn't come till we were almost 6 miles into the ride when we rode into Monroe State Forest.

We passed over this cool stream that became a waterfall

The road turned south (it was called South Road) and then began formidable hike-a-bike

There were some interesting boulders on the side of the road

There was a flat interlude followed by more hike-a-bike and then it turned flat and we were able to ride again

At 9 miles the rain stopped and so did we and there was this great view

13 miles into the ride a spoke broke and then I discovered another broken spoke

Using my multi tool I was able to minimize the tire rubbing on the chain stays so I could ride back to the car

It was amazing. We rode 13 miles and when we turned around we were just 3 miles from the car

We passed by one of the Hoosac Tunnel exhaust vents

It was pushing out a lot of water vapor.

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