Monday, March 09, 2020

XC Skiing at Grand Teton National Park

It was snowing on my last full day in Jackson, Wyoming and My father and his partner decided to take me to Grand Teton National Park to Cross Country Ski.

The whole ride out it was snowing and lightly snowing when we first started out.

There were two groomed tracks here which allowed us to ski side-by-side.

The wind was at our backs

As we headed further down the road it started to snow harder and it was a sticky snow, too. Good thing my father brought wax for our wax-less skis because the snow wasn't sticking to the bottoms.

We met up with one the Ski Ambassadors. One of my Dad and Peggy's friends was a Ski Ambassador, too, but according to this guy he was out at Jenny Lake.

Both the snow and the wind picked up making it a lot colder

After stopping to take this picture of my Dad and Peggy, my Dad and I went out further while Peggy decided to wait here and take a break.

After a half mile, my father turned around and headed back while I pushed on for another half mile and then turned around, too.

It was a lot colder on the way back. My chest was getting really cold so I picked up the pace to keep warm. What I didn't realize was the vents on my jacket were open which was cooling me off really quickly. I caught up to my Dad and Peggy and skied back to the car.

I tried to take a picture of them skiing back but in trying to turn around to take the shot I lost my balance and went down on the deck.

After skiing we headed over to Dornan's for lunch. Although not listed here, I had the Jenny Lake Lager, which was from a local brewery called Snake River Brewing, and was served everywhere in and about Jackson.

Unfortunately, the snow never let up enough to let us see The Grand.

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