Monday, March 23, 2020

Pandemic Rail Trail Ride to Black Hog Brewery

It seems that after every big ride the prior day I make big plans to follow up with another one but I rarely execute on it. Today's ride wasn't the exception but had some roots. I wanted to do loop consisting of the Larkin Bridle Trail, Hop Brook singletrack, Middlebury Trolley Trail, Flanders Nature Center Trails, Trolley Singletrack and then ride dirt roads back to the car.  The consolation prize of that grandiose plan was to ride to Black Hog, get some beer, drink some beer and ride back to the car.

Looks like proximity to the Rail Trail has gotten popular for Black Hog Brewery because now there is the Hog Path. I was here maybe two or three years ago (from the rail trail) and we bush whacked through here and the singletrack just to the east of the brewery looked like a rake and ride trail right through a stream.

Play the Price is Right Loser music! 
I should have checked the website.

Riding the rail trail was interesting because there were more people out walking, since that is about all you can do right now with everything else closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. When I rode by these people, some would move off the trail and others would not.

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