Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pandemic RAW: Almost T-Boned by Deer

The day before we had snow and now look how beautiful it is!

I started my first of what I think will be many solo rides after work by climbing up Castle Hill and then enjoying a LaylaBar. It's a new product for cyclists made by my friend, Steve Taylor, from Philly. They are so good and each block is packed with protein and sugar in natural forms to keep you moving all day. I likened it to an all natural Guu shot, and I it provides with me a lot of energy without that sugar crash and gas I get from Guu.

This was the first opportunity that I had to try out my new Merino Wool riding sweater that I bought at Fitzgerald Bicycles in Jackson Hole. Combined with a thermal under layer it's perfect for 45 degrees and upward but below that I would need another layer. 

From Castle Hill I rode by Taunton Pond and then headed towards Plumb Trees. As I was descending toward the turn at the Brunot Preserve there was this car that was stopped in the opposite direction and I couldn't figure out why. When I was about 25 meters from the car this deer ran out in front of me. Had I been any faster or started sooner our paths would have crossed and I am sure it would have sucked for the both of us. I would like to give the driver of the car a big FU for not warning me though.

Riding by Castle Meadow Pond, aka Morgan's Pond according to old locals, is a place that I always like to stop at. Sometimes you see people fishing or others walking along the banks. It was perfect timing for sunset.

Riding through town, it was pretty empty

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