Sunday, March 08, 2020

Cross Country Skiing in Jackson, WY

After 4 days of skiing and one day fat biking it was time to wind down the trip with a little Cross Country skiing.  I rented skis, boots and poles from Skinny Skis in Jackson and my Dad and I headed out to the Emily Pond, which is a levee along the Snake River.

It was a gorgeous day.

The ski track was all but obliterated the closer you were to parking lot, however, the further you got away from it and all the walkers and their dogs it got better and better.

Clouds were obscuring The Grand today but the view of the Snake River with the mountains in the background was sight to be seen, in itself.

My dad more pretty well for 77 years old

The track kept getting better and better the further we got away from the parking lot. We continued along the river until we hit an intersection and then took the loop back back towards the parking lot. 

On the way out, the wind was at our back so I when we turned around I thought we would be fighting a head wind. However, since we were skiing back through the woods it wasn't windy at all. 

Back on the dyke, though the wind made it tough.

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