Friday, August 23, 2019

The Sufferfest - trying something other than Zwift

After a week off the bike I decided to ride indoors for a week. I thought about different ways to amuse myself while riding indoors and then I thought I would try something other than Zwift. In case you don't know this, I rode Zwift all winter but right now I am on a hiatus until it's too unpleasant to ride outdoors.

I looked at Rouvy but it only worked with an iPad or iPhone when it came to iOS.  Zwift is Mac Compatible.  I found that The Sufferfest is compatible with the Mac, so I signed up for the 7 day free trial. I couldn't figure out, initially, how to get it started so I ended up doing a light spin watching a YouTube cycling video somewhere in Austria the first day.  Second attempt, I got it to work but it wouldn't come out of ERG mode and it wasn't really challenging.  Granted I was just doing a free spin event. I was still expecting it get harder for hills. It didn't.

My next attempt was was a more vigorous training session but again it wouldn't come out of ERG mode so basically when you were supposed to be on a hill, I didn't feel the hill. It also seems limited and the second video wasn't even rider footage and it was very disjointed. It reminded me of Yaks pissing in a stream, which is one of the screen shots I took from the last ride.  I am going back to Zwift.


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