Sunday, July 05, 2015

LOF Lake to another Lake Ride

The weather was not cooperative on Sunday, June 28th, for the third annual LOF Adaptive Water Skiing Charity Ride.  I poured from 2 to 5 AM Sunday morning and the wet conditions scarred many people off.  I had been asked earlier to lead a group of hand cyclists on a 50K ride but none of them showed up so I waited around at the start point and then took off at 9:30 on the 75K ride to Long Meadow Pond.  Fortunately, I loaded the track in my Garmin the night before so I was prepared.

On Westwoods Road in Woodbury I had my first flat while riding.  I have had my tubes go flat right after a ride, or after a day or two, but this was my first, out in the middle of no where flat tire!  It took all of 5 minutes to fix thanks to CO2!  Boy, do I love C02 inflators now.

Food stop before the 75K and 100K routes split off from one another.  Had an orange, a banana, and got my water topped off and chatted with the Wolf's of Newtown.  The 75K route splits off up the road from the rest stop and immediately starts to climb West Mountain Road, which starts out at a 13% grade.  While slowing ascending the hill I said hello to a woman walking down who offered my free food and water further up the road!

While the weather was overcast it was a little cool and really pleasant for riding.  I have never ridden through is part of Litchfield County before.  The climbing was great and the descents even better.  

I am loving the new glasses!

On the south west side of Morris, CT I was supposed to take a right but the road had been recently chip sealed and didn't want to take my skinnies down a gravel road so I detoured around.

I confirmed a dirt road on my Tri State Gravle map, too, but I wasn't going to ride it.  Eventually, I came out south of Bantam Lake and then headed south.  At the turn onto Rt 61, it started to rain and foturnately, I had my rain slicker with me so I put it on.

When I got back to Morris I stopped off at a deli for potato salad, salt and vinegar chips, pickles and a chocolate milk.  All fueled up and ready to ride some more I headed back.  Tried to pick up the course again, only to find more chip seal on that section so I kept detouring until I finally found it again.

It finally stopped raining about 15 miles out from the starting point while I was on Weekeepeemee road.

I got back the Shepaug Dam and I was the last one to return and it started raining again!

The post ride libation was perfect!

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