Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cannondale Performance Softshell

One of my biggest challenges for me road riding is knowing how to dress for varying conditions.  Mountain biking is pretty much a no brainer because no matter what you put on you are going to sweating like pig at the end of the ride anyway.  Bike commuting is just as easy, just dress like a Fred!  However, with road riding, I don't want to look like a Fred, I don't want to under dress and freeze on the downhills, or over dress and sweat on the climbs and freeze on the downhills because I am so sweaty.

When I picked up the Synapse last month I asked Shawn (The Bicycle Center) what would he recommend as a winter cycling jacket and he sold me this Cannondale Performance Softshell Jacket that I wore for Sunday's ride and O-M-G!  This jacket is awesome!  I never got too hot, nor too cold.  I am not sure I would call this a drawback but it only has two rear pockets but it makes up with a small breast pocket, perfect for a cell phone, iPhone, or digital media player.  There are two zippered hand warming pockets that can also be used for snacks and then there are two internal pockets as well.

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