Sunday, November 03, 2013

Waldo's Indian Summer

I missed the planned Trail Maintenance Day at Waldo because I had things to do with my kids (that I missed for the past two weekends) so I headed over to Waldo at about 2 PM.  The state hasn't finished the new parking lot and the current lot was jammed up so I had to park on the other side of the road.  Never done that before but the car fit perfectly so it's good to know.  I passed a woman on a white full suspension bike that I have seen before but I didn't stop to chat.  I was there to ride!


I met up with Glenn Vernes who was there for the trail work and was riding after the work was done.  He turned around and we rode back down to the water and amazed at how low the water was on Lake Lillilonah.

The water is so low because the State DEEP is pouring concrete for the new boat ramp at Rt 133

My Kona Unit 29er is still rocking!
I love this bike.


Looking at Upper Paugussett State Forest

This eye is usually submerged.
It must look eerie when it's covered in water.

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