Sunday, November 24, 2013

First snow of the Gussy

Holy Crap was it cold this morning!  Snow squalls came through the night before leaving a dusting of snow that stuck around till the morning.  Standing temperature at the house was 22 deg but the windchill made if feel like 10!  I suited up in full snivel gear including lobster gloves, balaclava and a riding jacket.  I met up with Pete and we headed out on the Polly Brody.

The Garmin didn't pick up any satellites until I got to the Echo Valley lot.

We rode up fire road and then headed down the Mulikin
At the bottom of Mulikin (purple) we met up with Geoff.

I was running short on time so Peter and I rode back up the fire road to the Gussy
and then flew down the trail.


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