Friday, November 08, 2013

Gussied up before Work

If you are going to ride in Upper Paugussett State Forest during hunting season
you'd better wear blaze orange!

Looks like DEEP finally took care of the hornets nest but the last time I rode through it looked like the next was inert so I am not sure what good it does destroying the nest at this point.  I have to get them when they are still active to make an impact. 

Did a little foot raking to widen this turn - am I the only one that rides around the outside of this tree?

Kona Unit atop the Beer Stop.  The one thing I hate about riding in the mornings
is not being able to enjoy a frosty, cold one after the ride.

Circled back to check on the Mulikin

Only to find cheesy, purple blazes.

The water is really down at Pond Brook.
I really want to walk down the bank and see if the old Shepaug RR bed is still visible.

I wonder how long that bike has been submerged

It was tough riding on the lake bottom but a lot of fun.

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