Monday, November 11, 2013

The right way to ride Waldo

It's more of a personal opinion but I have been struggling with how to ride all Waldo without having to repeat any of the trails in the same direction more than once, and staying on Singletrack.  Today I found that formula!  Just when I got to the parking lot it started to sprinkle but the real surprise, besides still finding the new parking lot still not open for business, was the weather had remarkably changed and the temperature had dropped 20 degrees.  Could have used another layer and wool socks.     

OK, here is the course:

  1. Take Waldo all the way down to Elmer Fudd 
  2. Cut over to the new Daffy Extension and ride that all the way down to the bottom  
  3. Ride up the Rabbit's Foot (fka Extra Credit) and back down to the shore.  
  4. Back up the forest road (OK, not singletrack but it's only 100 yards) and then back on the Rabbit's Foot which leads back into Waldo.  
  5. Waldo all the way back up Elmer Fudd and then down to Daffy.
  6. Ride up Daffy back to Waldo
  7. Down Waldo to the Captain's Log
  8. Back up the Daffy Extension to Elmer Fudd
  9. Elmer Fudd back to Waldo and take that all the way out to the parking lot
  10. Thing one back to Waldo and do the uber technical section to the cut through
  11. Back down to Thing 1 and then out!

On my way up Waldo I ran into my neighbor Chris riding with his son.  
This kid is going to be a shredder!

New blazes on Daffy!
Well, the temperature took it's toll
because by the end of the ride my toes were numb!


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