Monday, July 01, 2013

Connecitcut East Coast Greenway Ride: New Haven to Cheshire

I was invited by Steve Mitchell of the East Coast Greenway to accompany the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner, Daniel Esty on 50+ mile ride up the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Greenway, from New Haven to Southwick, MA.  I have always wanted to ride the trail in it's entirety and this was the opportunity.


Along the route there were a couple of planned stops where the commissioner had planned for some interviews and speeches to extol the benefits of this trail system and don't get me wrong but having a trail like this is something we should all be thankful for because it is truly an outstanding resource.

There was a plethora of different bikes ranging from comfort bikes and cross bikes to TT and Hybrid bikes. 

On the left is Peter Solomone, one of the ride organizers
 At the end of the trail Congresswoman Esty, the spokesperson for the First Selectman of Chesire and Bill O'Neal, the CT Committee Chair for the East Coast Greenway all said a few words.  There was ice cold water and great cookies for snack!


eastwood said...

that is SWEET! How was the ride, were there a lot of stop for street crossing?

Mark said...

It was definitely fun but now I understand why roadies stay off railtrails because of the cross streets.