Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pine Hill Park - the lost archive

I thought I lost these pictures due to a technical glitch but it turns out that their dates were changed and wound up way down in the camera.  I think I mentioned in my previous post about the park that I lost my map and Glenn and I did our best to figure out a good route to hit all the tasty singletrack.  However, it was so buggy we headed back to the car to get bug spray and then on the way back in, I took a picture of the park map.  Being able to zoom in and out on the camera fun made it much more enjoyable knowing where we were in the park now.

Glenn in the woods

Numbering at the trail intersects and seeing that on the map is awesome!

This is the view on the Underdog trail.  Heading west on this trail there is a great downhill run with plenty of berms to rail

The Overlook View 

In the middle is Amanda, a friend of my wife who lives in Rutland.
She rides with her kids here periodically and met in the parking lot
as well as up here at the overlook

We found this bike locked to a tree in the old quarry.
We figured some dude was sparking a bowl out in the woods or something, after all this is Vermont

The Kona at the Overlook

Remembering Sandy Hook

The suspension bridge

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