Sunday, July 07, 2013

Connecitcut East Coast Greenway Ride: "The Gap" in Plainville

The Plainville section of the Trail is called The Gap because there is no trail.

This part of the rail line is still active, too.

So the ride had a police escort by the town of Plainfield


Riding on Route 10 could be scary

Somehow, I ended out in front behind the police car

I was pacing it and doing 20 mph

That caddy in the picture above adjacent to the Police car almost clipped me

Active portion of the Rail Line running right by the Plainfield Municipal Center.

Awesome job by the Plainville PD as escorts

Nice place to take a break and use the facilities

Mary Collins, local author and English Professor, joined us for the ride to Simsbury
Another food stop, bathroom break, and a few more speeches

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Brendan said...

Plainville, not Plainfield.