Sunday, July 07, 2013

Connecitcut East Coast Greenway Ride: Farmington to Simsbury

After Plainville we rode into Farmington and picked up the trail

Really straight through here for quite a few miles and a nice interrupted stretch

As I was crossing the Farmington River I reached into my back pocket to pull my camera out and I was slowing down so I take a picture.  Up ahead of me there was a father with two children who were jumping back and fourth between the outlook points.  The little girl saw me, panicked, and jumped out in front of me and I ran into her.

Fortunately, I was going slow enough that my tire just pushed her down but I was out of the saddle and I miraculously unclipped and went over the bars but landed on my feet. It scarred the piss out of the little girl (literally) and almost out of me, too.  I was more more concerned for her well being than my own at first but her father assured me she was OK.  Then I looked to myself and couldn't believe that I didn't have any scrapes or cuts

After all that, I still managed to get a couple of pictures of the River and the Trail's namesake.


Crossing into Simsbury

The Fred-mobile.  I picked up this under the top tube bag at NEMBAFest the week prior knowing that it would be perfect for this bike.  It holds two tubes, multitool, airpump and still has room for a backup Guu pack or two!  Since this was an unsupported ride I brought a seatpack with extra food but it was really unnecessary.  Next time I do something like this I am going to find a way to mount my Timbukt2 Toptube pouch to hold my camera and additional snacks, as well my Blackberry because it cut out half way through the ride again. 

Lunch was awesome!

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